My job is to solve problems with technology

I'm a T-shaped person. My primary expertise is around backend software development and building things fast. At the same time, I'm a full-stack engineer with a strong focus on growth and business problems. I like marketing as it forces you to understand why you're building things.

Things I can help you with:
  • Quickly building MVPs and SLCs.
  • Iterating and growing your established product.
  • Integrating AI into your product and/or company.
  • Solving scalability and performance problems.
  • Working on technical SEO planning and execution.
  • Business tools automation and optimization for high ROI.
  • Managing your IT as a part-time tech lead/CTO.
...or be your next-best hire as a Growth Engineer

Case Studies

Here are some examples of my remote work in recent years.


Senior Software Developer at HubSpot

At HubSpot, I'm working on existing and new PLG tools to help its customers.

  • Writing quality code that is easy to maintain and understand.
  • Working with the team to understand the business problems and solve them.
  • Building new features and improving existing ones.


Founder of HeroTofu

Developer-friendly marketing tools to scratch my own itch and help other people.

  • Created the project from scratch and turned it into a profitable business.
  • Competing on the well-known problem in the business-to-prosumer market.
  • Expanded the user base from 0 to thousands of happy customers.


Senior Growth Engineer at Clearbit

At Clearbit, I've been working with the Growth team to get more customers. We've found PLG (product-led growth) to be the best way to do it.

  • Optimized the conversions and sales funnel.
  • Supported PLG motion and built free products to get more $ into the pipeline. Driven hundreds of thousands of pipeline.
  • Optimized other people's work by creating efficient tools, add-ons, and browser extensions. Worked on sales enablement to boost outreach performance.


Founder of StatsGlitch

For all of my career, I have been passionate about analytics and data. However, I was surprised that people aren't using them to draw more insights into their businesses. StatsGlitch main offerings are SEO alert tracker and real-time Google Analytics alerts.

  • Created the project from scratch into a profitable business.
  • Expanded the user base from 0 to hundreds of happy customers.
  • Using it myself every week.


Senior Growth Engineer at Toptal

At Toptal, I did a lot of automation work to increase my colleagues’ productivity and business ROI.

  • Established a scalable leads generation platform to boost the sales process, combining many steps into one.
  • Built many different dashboards for better business insights.
  • Automated commonly used tools to make work more efficient.
  • Replicated and integrated 3rd party APIs & products.

CV Keskus

Lead Developer & Data Scientist at CV Keskus

At CV Keskus, I worked a lot with the CEO to better understand project users and business opportunities.

  • Implemented lots of analytical tools to understand a user's journey.
  • Optimized funnels with A/B and standard testing.
  • Suggested and fixed various project performance problems.
  • Helped to optimize the workflow for the IT department.


CTO of Media Monitoring Tool

I planned and built a scalable scraping system capable of monitoring the whole country’s media.

  • Did technical planning and preparation.
  • Built a scalable way to crawl an unlimited amount of sites.
  • Implemented high-performance keywords or their combinations using a monitoring system.
  • The core advantage was near real-time subscriber notifications.

Head of Outreach
Irina Papuc
Toptal Head of Outreach
As the lead developer for our Outbound and Outreach teams, Armin has proven himself to be a very competent, senior-level developer. He meets the demands of a remote, world-class environment every day, delivering high-quality projects on time across multiple timezones. He has proven himself to be an extremely reliable person, at ease communicating with our North American sales team while also managing and coordinating dev projects with our team in Europe. He has the singularly crucial talent of zooming in on a problem and dissecting it to find the best possible solution and often exceeds our team's goals. I recommend Armin without hesitation.

Can we work together?

I believe so!
I'm open to hearing about all kinds of small and big projects.
But I bring the most value to PLG-focused (or willing-to-be) companies.